A Deep Dive Into the Absurd IG Accounts That Influenced Kyrie Irving's Flat Earth Reality

Kyrie Irving's Instagram feed must be mind-blowing.

Kyrie Irving shrugs.

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Kyrie Irving shrugs.

Kyrie Irving is a lot of things: an NBA All-Star, an NBA champion, and one of the faces of Nike’s basketball brand. He also just so happens to be perhaps the world’s most famous flat-earther.

Irving has been trumpeting the debunked flat earth theory since early 2017 when he supposedly became "woke" to the truth about the planet. What prompted this conversion, Irving said, was watching videos on Instagram—a medium obviously known for its sophisticated discourse about the nature of the universe. On J.J. Redick’s podcast in January, he spoke glowingly about the flat-earth Instagram pages he follows and how persuasive he's found them to be.

When you scroll through the list of the 683 accounts Irving follows on IG, you will indeed find an array of flat-earth minded accounts in there—from "NASA LIES" to @sarcastic_flatearther (they put the caps in "NASA LIES," for the record, not me).

But the accounts he follows don’t just stop at the flat-earth theory. Irving follows at least 11 accounts that go into just about every conspiracy theory under the sun. From shape-shifting lizard people controlling the earth to 5G "death towers" to Stevie Wonder not actually being blind, these accounts are, well…crazy. There’s no other way to put it.

Since Irving admittedly draws much inspiration from these accounts, they are critical to understanding his conspiratorial state of mind. Now, it’s important to note that Irving himself might not actually believe all of the nonsense these pages. In fact, he probably doesn’t—because many of these pages from vastly different conspiratorial schools of thought: Some of these theories, like George W. Bush being responsible for 9/11, are leftist. Others, like the Parkland kids being actors, are extremely right wing. The insanity of these theories knows no ideological boundaries.

So without further adieu, let’s dive into some of these accounts.

We’ll start with the classic flat-earth stuff. One of the accounts Irving follows is @world.is.flat, which loudly proclaims "NASA LIES" in its bio. Most of this page is dedicated to time lapses and nature shots that supposedly "prove" that the earth is flat.

This might seem crazy (perhaps in part because it is), but it’s actually fairly benign compared to some of the other stuff we’re about to get into.

Another flat-earth centric page he follows is the @FlatEarthTshirtCo, another very popular flat earth page. That handle might be a little misleading since the account doesn’t actually appear to sell t-shirts. Anyways, they too are extremely up on the flat earth stuff, pejoratively calling anyone dumb enough to think that the earth is round as a "globe head."

Welp, guess I’m a globe-head then.

Another thing you’ll learn when following these flat-earth accounts is that these people hate Elon Musk. Most Americans might think of SpaceX as the pinnacle of scientific and technological achievement, but flat earth Instagram just sees the company as one that perpetuates the global lie.

One of my personal favorites, @sarcastic_flatearther, is indeed both sarcastic and a flat-earther. Here he is bashing SpaceX (again) for its convertible launch.

And here’s some of that namesake sarcasm.

Really living up to the handle there.

Now we’re going to start getting into the weeds—the really, really weird stuff. These flat earth memes are going to seem pretty normal compared to what you’re about to see.

Irving follows an account called @unplugthematrix, which ardently insists that "The Matrix is Real." It’s unclear if the account means that literally or hyperbolically. It has over 50,000 followers, and asks the hard-hitting questions that MSM hacks like myself are too afraid to ask. Like, why does Mark Zuckerberg look like a reptilian?

For the record, Mark Zuckerberg has denied being a reptilian shapeshifter.

Then, you’ll find some wonderful content claiming the recent Las Vegas and Parkland shootings are hoaxes.

Even the term "conspiracy theorist" is a conspiracy, per @unplugthematrix.

And @unplugthematrix isn’t the only account Kyrie follows that thinks the 1999 sci-fi classic is real life. @Thematrixisreal does too, as you might be able to tell by its handle. This account also seems to believe that mass shootings are government-orchestrated false flag events. They aren’t, by the way.

I should have taken the blue pill. I don’t like life outside of The Matrix.

@Consious_god (spoiler alert: he’s neither), who Irving also follows, posts some truly thought-provoking posts to their account. Perfect example: One "exposing" Queen Elizabeth and Lady Gaga taking part in a satanic ritual.

@Consious_god also touts flat-earth theories too — no wonder Kyrie gave them a follow.

But the theories espoused on Irving’s favorite accounts don’t just deal with life on earth. In fact, they go beyond that—exploring the possibility of life outside of earth. One account that’s dedicated to this is @rraw_report, which broke the important news about Lyran cat people from outer space, in this video narrated by a text-to-speech bot.

If it’s narrated by a text-to-speech bot, you know it’s legit.

The people who run @rraw_report also aren’t buying that whole "Stevie Wonder is blind" thing. The account posted seven consecutive items purporting to cast doubt on Wonder’s blindness, with several videos supposedly showing Wonder faking it. Yes, really.

Another one of these accounts is @intellectual_activism also. It posts mostly strange inspirational quotes but also takes time out to explain the Rothschild conspiracy in thinly-veiled anti-Semitic terms.

A few of the accounts that Irving follows also tout the anti-Semitic Rothschild conspiracy. @Anonymouscalifornia says we will go to war with Iran because of the Rothschilds.

Yeah, pretty sure the only problem with Iran is that they aren’t owned by the Rothschilds. Nothing else objectionable goes on in that country, right?

It appears the admiration Irving has for these wacky accounts and the accounts’ admiration for Kyrie might be mutual. @Anonymouscalifornia also gave Irving a shout-out once while touting his vegan-based diet.

It’s actually not uncommon to see some of the accounts Irving follows give him a nod every once in a while. Another one that did this was @Lepetersworld, which used #KyrieIrving while attempting to show that the earth is flat.

The man has started quite a movement.

And on @lepetersworld, the flat earth stuff is just the tip of iceberg. The account also accuses Lego of #indoctrination for its "Women of NASA" playset. Clearly, Legos are part of an Illuminati plot to suppress the truth of the flat earth.

Oh, and let’s not forget about those pesky chemtrails.

As crazy as @lepetersworld might be, @project_knowledge might be the crazier of Irving’s follows. This one proves once and for all that the moon landing totally didn’t happen, as evidenced by this video of Jim Carrey joking about it with "Jen Leno." They couldn’t even get Jay Leno’s name spelled correctly on the video text.

As much as Irving must love these accounts, someone might want to tell him to get rid of the smartphone he likely uses to check Instagram. Because according to @chiddy26—a respectable and reputable voice if there ever was one—5G towers are actually "death towers."

Wonder how long it will be until Irving comes out against cell phones. Then, he might not have anywhere to watch his flat-earth videos. And that might not be a bad thing, to be honest.

So, there you have it. You’ve now explored the conspiratorial Instagram underworld that made Irving a flat-earther. If you now agree with Irving on these fronts, might I suggest that you get your news and scientific facts from sources outside of Instagram. And if you think I’m just a CIA/Illuminati plant who doesn’t want you to know the truth…welp, ya got me.

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