Stephen A. Smith on Why He Doesn't Need Pickup Lines: ‘You Have to Look the Part’

The ESPN host got candid about his smooth game with women on the latest episode of 'The Stephen A. Smith Show.'

Gilbert Carrasquillo / GC Images

Stephen A. Smith continues to use the Q&A portion of his radio show to showcase his knowledge in areas apart from sports, particularly in the world of romance.

During the latest episode of The Stephen A. Smith Show, the ESPN host was asked if he has game, and if so, what are his best pickup lines. Smith responded by explaining why he doesn't need pickup lines due to his natural understanding of women.

"I don't have a pickup line, that's why I've got game," Smith shared. "You see, women are highly intellectual creatures. They're not fooled by trifling asses. If they appear to be fooled, it's because they like you and they want you anyway."

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Smith continued by giving men a few pointers on how to behave around a woman whom they're interested in.

"You have to look the part. You have to present the part. You have to speak to her respectfully," he explained. "You have to give her that look that lets her know you're there for a reason and you're very interested in her. But you can't look at her like you're objectifying her. You have to look at her like she's beautiful."

Of course, this isn't the first time Smith has touched on the topic of romance on his radio show. Over the past month, the First Take host has detailed his sex playlist, discussed his freakiness in the bedroom, and revealed whether he prefers natural or augmented butts.

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