Stephen A. Smith Documents Body Transformation After Health Scare: 'No Ozempic, No Steroids, Just Hard Work'

ESPN's 'First Take' host assured his Twitter followers that his weight loss isn't due to steroids.

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Stephen A. Smith doesn't have to thank Ozempic for his body transformation.

On Friday, the ESPN host hopped on Twitter to document his weight loss journey by posting before-and-after photos.

"No ozempic, no steroids, just hard work," Smith captioned the post. "I’ve spent the last year saving my life, and I’m still just getting started."

No ozempic, no steroids, just hard work.

I’ve spent the last year saving my life, and I’m still just getting started

— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) March 29, 2024
Twitter: @stephenasmith

Smith also added a voice note in order to shed more light on his new body.

"Gentlemen, that was your boy, Stephen A," Smith shared. "I can't even tell you how bad I was. Nearly 30 percent body fat, a cholesterol level over 300 and .1 point away from being a full-blown diabetic - and that was after I had Covid, which damn near killed me. This is a year later." 

Smith's post arrives months after he roasted Zion Williamson for not being in shape.

Back in December, Stephen A. called out Zion for looking "fat" during the New Orleans Pelicans' loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in the semifinal of the NBA's in-season tournament.

"You look like you showed up to the game having just ate a buffet," he said on The Stephen A. Smith Show. "Not something from the buffet, I said the buffet. Like you ate the damn table. I wasn’t going to touch on this, because I was embarrassed for him. But then Sports Illustrated wrote about it, and the New Orleans Times-Picayune, local newspaper, wrote about it. So it’s public information. He’s fat.”

Stephen A Smith calls Zion out for being ‘fat’

(h/t @dbrwnjr)

— NBACentral (@TheDunkCentral) December 10, 2023
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