NBA G League's Chance Comanche Detailed Elaborate Plan to Murder Woman in Text Messages

The 27-year-old Stockton Kings player, who was released by the team last Friday, confessed to strangling her with an HDMI cord following his arrest.

Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Former Sacramento Kings NBA G League player Chance Comanche admitted to his role in the murder of Marayna Rodgers, an alleged sex worker who was last seen in Las Vegas on Dec. 6, before her remains were discovered this week in a Nevada desert.

As reported by the Sacramento Bee and KLAS 8 News, Comanche, 27, a Stockton Kings player who was released by the team following his arrest last Friday, told law enforcement he conspired with Sakari Harnden, 19, to murder Rodgers.

Comanche and Harnden were arrested last week and have since been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and kidnapping relating to Rodgers' death.

As detailed in the Sacramento Bee's report, Comanche told police Harnden was having issues with Rodgers, whom he claims was going to "smoke" Harnden if she did not give her a Rolex watch. As a result, Comanche claimed he and Harnden orchestrated a plan to lure Rodgers away from her friends so they could kill her.

“Pretend to be a trick and have her come to wherever you at and get her when she show up,” Harnden sent Comanche in a text message, according to a police report.

In another message, Comanche suggested Harnden slip a pill in her drink, writing, “Get that [expletive] drunk and mix rat poison or sum in her drink.”

He later messaged Harnden about another way in which he could take her life. “I can snap her neck or just strangle the [expletive]," he said. "If you get a nice little thick piece of rope or sum sturdy I can do it from the back seat. Like how killers do it in the movies.”

Comanche told authorities he strangled Rodgers with an HDMI cord while Rodgers choked her with her hands. The pair subsequently disposed of Rodgers’ body in a ditch on the side of Vincenzo Lane in Henderson, Nevada, where police later found her remains.

Harnden was arrested in Las Vegas on Dec. 13. FBI agents in Sacramento arrested Comanche Dec. 15. The former G League player is expected to appear in court Tuesday, before being extradited to Las Vegas.

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