Michael Porter Jr. Tells Ex-Adult Film Star Lana Rhoades He's Seen 'Fetishes Get So Crazy' With NBA Players

Apparently, some celebrities like to eat cookies with poop in them.

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On the latest episode of Michael Porter Jr.'s podcast Curious Mike, former adult film star Lana Rhoades spoke about some of the bizarre fetishes she and people she knows have encountered in porn stars, celebrities, and NBA players.

Around the 22:30 point of the podcast, seen above, Rhoades got into the issues men in the adult film industry face due to either overstimulation or desensitization. "There's like these injections that guys have to do before the scenes, like they can't even get hard anymore. .... I've seen this with celebrity men, too, that have hooked up with a lot of girls. They get so, like, numb to just regular sex, or just women that they end having like these really intense fetishes 'cause they can't get off to normal things anymore."

Some of the examples she shared included men into watersports (a.k.a. being urinated on), or men who "buy cookies with poop in them off the internet."

Porter shared that he's heard some wild stories from other players in the NBA, too. "You get desensitized to the normal thing, and this happens in the NBA, I hear wild stories about some of these dudes. ... Their fetishes get so crazy," he said. "You know, they might be a straight man but they've done so much stuff with so many pretty girls and they have so much access to pretty girls that they're over here messing with t******s or now they're over here messing with dudes."

While the comparison between not being straight and eating poop cookies doesn't really work, Porter indicated that they were both indicative of desensitization because of overexposure to pornography. "Now normal sex in real life doesn't do it for you," he said.

Porter also spoke up about the first time he saw porn on the internet, around age 11 to 13. "[It] messes up your perception of what it's supposed to be, and even I think these dudes nowadays...I mean, obviously, some girls are into some crazy things, but these dudes that are always watching porn, they think that this is always what a girl wants," he continued. "I think [porn] is really detrimental to young men."

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