Doug Pederson's Postgame Press Conference Was Interrupted by Allegedly Drunken Fan

 It was a bizarre ending for an otherwise good Sunday for the Eagles.

Doug Pederson

Image via Getty/Mitchell Leff

Doug Pederson

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson had an awkward ancounter with a fan during what should have been a regular press conference. After Pederson's team landed a 17-9 win over the Dallas Cowboys, his usual postgame conference with the press was interrupted by a supposedly drunken fan.

As reports, the Eagles fan simply yelled, "We beat Dallas!" At first, Pederson played along.

"Right? We just wanted to go 1-0," he said. The fan was able to stick around for two minutes or so, but when he asked Pederson a question about Eli Manning it became clear he wasn't supposed to be there. "Doug, meeting Eli next weekend, what do you think?" the fan asked.

"Who is this? Is he with the media? Is he credentialed?" Pederson responded, noticing something was off and signalling to security to deal with the allegedly drunk fan.

"This will be on SportsCenter," Pederson joked as he continued to field questions. It was a bizarre ending for a Sunday that saw the Eagles top the NFC East despite an underwhelming year.

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