Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens Recall Hooking Up With 17 Women in 12 Hours (UPDATE)

The two former NFL stars reminisced about an eventful trip to the Dominican Republic, which Ochocinco called a "lil orgy."

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UPDATED 11/10, 9:57 p.m. ET: On Friday, Chad Ochocinco cleared things up regarding the time he said he hooked up with a subtantial amount of woman in less than a day.

"Complex you guys follow me & know damn well all my stories are as fake as the jewelry i wore in the NFL, I’ve been to the DR though w/ the HWIC," he wrote on X in response to the Complex article based on his recent live stream in which he told the aforementioned story.

The former NFL star also took a moment to explain that a few other of his previous stories aren't true as well. In response to a fan on the platform stating that it's too late to recant the story, Ochocinco wrote, "Yeah, just like I said I beat LeBron 1 on 1 and was a judge at the Westminster Dog Show in 1993, but they believe this."

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In an Instagram Live session on Tuesday (Nov. 7), former NFL stars Chad Ochocinco Johnson and Terrell Owens reminisced about the wild time they hooked up with 17 women in just 12 hours.

The two former NFL stars reminisced about an eventful trip to Dominican Republic, which Ochocinco called a "lil orgy."

"Oh yeah, I had the big girl," Owens said with a smile. "I had to take one for the team. Like I always say, big girls need love too."

Johnson, straight-faced, nodded and said, "They do, they do." He continued, "We went through, what? 17 women in 12 hours?" Owens appeared shocked by the number. "Was it 17?!" he asked, which Johnson confirmed. "My mind ain't good dog... 17? Man, I thought it was about 12." Johnson suggested you can't "end sex on even numbers," which is why he remembered it was an odd number of women.

"I was done after about two or three though, I had to recoup," joked Owens.

Johnson has been without a filter recently. Earlier this month, he responded to Yvonne Orji opening up about remaining a virgin until marriage. In a tweet, Johnson joked that Orji would be "a perfect match" for his Nightcap co-host Shannon Sharpe. "Not only is she walking on the path of righteousness, but she has the vision that can open the door [of] where you trying to get to," said Johnson.

Sharpe dismissed the suggestion and added, "I'm looking for a sinner."

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