Chad Johnson Dumbfounded That Shannon Sharpe Spent $10,000 on a Dog

Ochocinco suggested the dog should be able to talk or at least do tricks for how much Sharpe paid.

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Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson isn't impressed with how much Shannon Sharpe spent on his new dog.

"I got a dog, and the dog was from overseas," Sharpe told his Nightcap co-host, as seen in the clip above. "The dog was beautiful, and I wanted one to look like this. And I named him, you know, I call him Teddy we call him Teddy Bear 'cause he looks like a teddy bear. ... He's a Pomeranian."

Ochocinco seemed confused as to why Sharpe would get a Pomeranian from overseas because he "could have got one from my homeboy [in the] city."

Sharpe explained that he paid someone to deliver the Pomeranian from their home country, including travel costs. "How much the dog cost?" asked Ochocinco, to which Sharpe sheepishly replied, "Ten." Ochocinco leaned in closer and asked, "Ten what?" Sharpe said, "Ten bands." Ochocinco asked for clarification on what ten bands referred to, and Sharpe added, "I'll put it to you like this, it's a rack, you know. A band is a thousand, a rack is 10,000. So it cost a rack."

Ochocinco seemed to be in disbelief at the cost.

"Man, you paid 10,000 for a dog?!" he asked. "10,000 American dollars? Come on, man. Unc, man, I could've got you a Pom out [of] the city, man, for $300." Sharpe explained the whole process of meeting a woman at the airport to pick up the dog, but Ochocinco was still hung up on how much the whole thing cost.

"I'm just trying to understand the thought process on everything you have going on," he said. "I just don't think that was a wise decision. $10,000 for a dog, you could have went to the Human Society and adopted a dog for 50 to $100. 10,000 for a dog, like, let's think about that. I need us from this point on, being that now we are a pair, you need to run things by me before you make those types of decisions where you paying that kind of money for anything."

Sharpe seemed amused by Ochocinco's general beffudlement and said that his new dog is "the one thing that my financial people never question me about." He then brought the adorable Teddy on screen, which elicited a smile from Ochocinco before he asked, "He don't talk? Can he do a trick? For $10,000 that motherfucker better be able to do something. Tell him sit up."

Check out the clip from Nightcap above.

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