7' 6" Tacko Fall in Concussion Protocol After Hitting Head on Ceiling

Fall is ridiculously tall, even in the stretched-out standards of the NBA.


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In an incident that will ring true to anyone who got a summer growth spurt as a child, Boston Celtics rookie Tacko Fall has been entered into the concussion protocol after hitting his head on a low ceiling. 

The 7-foot-5 player out of the University of Central Florida said he bumped his head while trying to wash his hands after a practice. He didn't think much of it at the time, according to Mass Live, and continued to participate in team activities. When he woke up the next day, he felt ill so he was entered into the league's concussion protocol. 

“Tacko got hit in the head yesterday after individual work,” coach Brad Stevens said at the time. “He was a little under the weather. It sounds like being very cautious about that.” 

You might wonder why an NBA practice facility has ceilings low enough for a player to bump their head on. However, Fall is tall even by the standards of the league. He's one of the tallest players ever and can reach above the rim with both feet flat on the ground

Stevens told reporters that Fall is close to a return to action. 

“Very close [to a return] from what I’ve been told," Stevens said. “But he wasn’t going to be active anyway.”

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