Not only do potential prospects show off their skills at the NBA Draft combine, but they are also measured to see how they stack up against other top athletes. During this portion of the process, all eyes were focused on Tacko Fall who is by far one of the tallest players to appear at the combine. 

Even during his tenure with the UCF Knights, Fall was one of the tallest players in NCAA history. And on Wednesday, Tacko lived up to the hype as his length broke the league's systems.

"[Fall] just broke every figure in our database for height, wingspan and reach, dating back to the 80s," NBA draft analyst Jonathan Givon reported.

According to official measurements, Fall stands at 7'5 1/4 without shoes and 7'7 with shoes. He has a wingspan of 8'2 1/4 and his standing reach his higher than the height of an NBA regulation rim at 10'2 1/2.

Still, there are some downsides to this incredible length. Fall weights just 289 pounds. As a result, teams will be interested to see how he tests out when it comes to strength and weights.