People Are Having Fun Imagining Jimmy Butler's First Practice With the 76ers

Pray for Markelle Fultz, y'all.

Jimmy Butler is known for being a bit...passionate about his teammates' mistakes. Markelle Fultz is currently known for shots like this: 


So when NBA Twitter learned that Fultz would have to work on his jumper in front of Butler, they couldn't help but joke about being a fly on the wall of those tense, upcoming Philadelphia 76ers' practices. Not even stars like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons could escape Butler's white-hot, imagined gaze. (We have to wonder how Jimmy would react to Embiid taking a break to slide into Rihanna's DMs.) 

The news of Butler's trade gave all of NBA Twitter the chance to brush off their best jokes and to dig in the deep well of JimmyButlerLookingAbsolutelyDisgusted.gifs.  Check out a few below:

Markelle Fultz realizing he got to deal with Jimmy Butler everytime he airball a three...

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) November 10, 2018

Fultz meeting Jimmy Butler for the first time

— r/NBA (@NBA_Reddit) November 10, 2018

Jimmy Butler when he sees Fultz and Ben Simmons jumpers in practice.

— Carlos Sainz stan account (@CobertRovington) November 10, 2018

When Jimmy Butler walks into his first Sixers practice and sees Embiid watching anime, Simmons DMing Instagram models and Fultz crying in a corner

— Fremen Jake (@Handsome_Jake_) November 10, 2018

Jimmy Butler looking at Markelle Fultz when he gets to Philly:

— 929ESPN (@929espn) November 10, 2018

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