Jay Williams Doesn't Want to See Zion Williamson on the Knicks: 'Don't Know If I Trust James Dolan'

Sorry, New York.

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Former Blue Devils and Bulls player Jay Williams is as anxious as all of us to see where Zion Williamson will end up.

He hopes, for Zion's sake, that the current Duke star doesn't land with the New York Knicks. Williams said he doesn't think Knicks owner James Dolan would put together the right team around Zion

"I live in New York City, so obviously everybody wants the answer to be New York," he told TMZ. "But, I don't know if I trust James Dolan enough with that yet."

As for where Williams would like to see Williamson play, he's looking a little farther south. 

"It would be kind of dope to see him in ATL with Trae Young," he said.

If Zion wants to weigh pros and cons, he has the option. A significantly larger former NBA player (both in actual size and influence) is all-in on the idea of Williamson going to the Knicks. Shaq said that if he was going to start his career over, he'd sign with these Knicks. And Zion himself admitted that playing 41 games a year at Madison Square Garden "wouldn't be so bad." 

Ultimately, it's up to the luck of the draw. Thanks to the NBA's lottery system and Zion being a lock for the first pick of the draft, Williamson will end up with whatever team picks first. And he's okay with that. 

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