Despite being a Los Angeles sports icon, former Lakers center Shaquille O'Neal says if he was in the NBA today, he would take his talents to New York City

"If I was a youngster, Madison Avenue would be turning into Shaq Avenue," O'Neal told TMZ. Shaq then went on to explain why he would choose the struggling franchise over the current trend of combining powers with another superstar player.

"People always talk about business and business after basketball," O'Neal said. "Knicks don't have a star player, so any superstar that comes there, Madison Avenue is going to open up them doors."

As contrary as this may seem, New York has been coming up in free agent talks. According to several reports, Golden State's Kevin Durant is considering playing for New York. But if the Knicks can get Durant, their season is going badly enough to have a shot at Duke's Zion Williamson, who said it "wouldn't be so bad" to don the blue and orange.