Stephen A. Smith Responds to Fan Asking Why He’s So Freaky: ‘I Do Like the Fact You Clearly Have an Imagination'

In a new video, the ESPN personality reveals that he's intrigued by a fan's curiosities about his intimate life.

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Stephen A. Smith won’t be satisfying his fans' curiosities.

In a video taken from a Q&A portion from The Stephen A. Smith Show podcast, Smith read a question sent in from a fan via X (formerly known as Twitter) that simply asked, “Why are you so freaky? lol.”

Smith’s response was just as unpredictable as it was revealing.

“How do you know I’m freaky?” asked Smith, as he lowered the timbre of his voice to a mysterious, nearly seductive tone. “Where’d you get that from?”

Twitter: @stephenasmith

He continued, “For all you know, I could be the most conservative dude on the planet and you’d have no idea whether I’m freaky or not because I don’t tell. But I do like the fact that you clearly have an imagination and you imagine the kind of things that somebody like myself is capable of.”

“Go ahead and use your imagination. Enjoy,” the 56-year-old concluded with a smirk.

It’s safe to say we learned a lot more about Smith this year than most thought we would, which, in hindsight, perfectly explains why people are inquiring about Smith’s alleged freakiness. For example, earlier this month, Smith declared that Sunday is the worst day of the week to be horny

"Worst day of the week to be horny to me is Sunday night, 'cause chances are most people gotta work Monday morning," said the First Take co-host. "The week hasn’t started yet and a lot of times you wanna relax, wind down, and enjoy the end of the weekend before you get into the muck and mire, the hustle of the week."

Another surprising revelation from Smith came in the form of his list of best songs to have sex to, which include cuts from Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass, and Prince. The most surprising revelation from Smith’s sex playlist is the inclusion of R. Kelly

"I don't want to bring up R. Kelly, but I think it's okay now because he's in jail now. If he was not in jail it would not be okay, because he's getting away with stuff, but now that they finally got his ass and he's in jail it's okay to bring up R. Kelly music now," Smith said, adding that he enjoys “Dedicated” and “Your Body’s Calling” from the disgraced singer.

Smith made headlines last year by his response to an X-rated question on BS with Jake Paul. When co-host Julia Rose asked him if he’s ever eaten ass, he paused before responding, “No, I don’t have to. That’s a God’s honest answer, never.” 

He had a different tune when Rose followed up by asking if he’s ever had his ass eaten, to which Smith said, “That’s private.”

How private Smith will continue to be in 2024 remains to be seen.

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