Hall of Fame Running Back Eric Dickerson Is Fine With NFL's National Anthem Rule

"I stood when we played. And I would still stand."

Last Wednesday, the NFLrolled out a new policy for the national anthem without consulting the NFL Players' Association. The policy fines players who kneel on the field during the anthem, but gives them an option of remaining in the locker room during the pre-kickoff ceremony.

The new policy sparked backlash from several players and prominent sports figures, including the Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins and Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr criticized the NFL for its national anthem policy pic.twitter.com/eaCXC5WhCj

— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) May 24, 2018

But not everyone is so adamantly against the new policy. TMZ Sports caught up with retired hall of famer Eric Dickerson, who said the new policy is a “good thing.” The legendary running back argued that the league and commissioner Roger Goodell are doing the best they can. "This gives you a choice. I think that's a good thing," Dickerson said. "You can't please everybody. By saying this, you know somebody's not going to like it. It is what it is. It's like religion and raising your kids. Nobody's going to agree with you all the time."

Dickerson also noted that if he were still in the league, he would be standing for the national anthem. “Everybody has a disagreement on how you raise your kids, religion, politics. So my thing is that, I stood when we played. And I would still stand,” he said.

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