Ben Simmons Reportedly Worried Tinashe Is Stalking Him and Kendall Jenner

Simmons is allegedly considering beefing up his security, because he thinks Tinashe might be stalking him and his new boo Kendall Jenner. The couple recently moved into a fancy apartment together in L.A.

Just when it seems like the messy love triangle between Ben Simmons, Kendall Jenner, and Tinashe couldn’t get any messier, it does!

The drama pros over at TMZ report that Simmons is allegedly thinking about beefing up his security, because Tinashe might be stalking him and his new boo. As ridiculous as this might sound, the “2 On” singer has apparently showed up to the same places at Simmons and Jenner one too many times, and he now assumes she’s doing it on purpose.

“Ben is convinced Tinashe cannot accept the fact he ended their relationship and has moved on with Kendall,” TMZ reports. “He believes she's showing up to keep tabs on him so she can see if there's a chink in the armor between him and Kendall.”

Tinashe always seemed to give off calm, cool, collected, girl-next-door vibes, so it’s hard to imagine this talented lady turning into an obsessive ex, but love certainly makes us do crazy things. Last week Tinashe, Simmons, and Jenner were all spotted at the same club. When TMZ approached her about the run-in she held up her phone and said, “he’s texting me, what the hell? What is he doing, what an idiot!”

Simmons quickly cleared the air by calling Tinashe out on the comment, to which she allegedly, promptly apologized for making the whole thing up. Yikes.

Her and Ben linked up at the beginning of 2017, and publicly revealed their relationship status in March. A couple months later they split right around the time Simmons and Jenner were spotted together, fueling cheating rumors.

The 76ers Rookie of the Year is clearly trying to shake the ghost of girlfriends past, and sources told TMZ some extra security may help Ben sleep better at night in his new super nice apartment shared with Jenner.

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