LeBron James Wants To Play in the NBA With Bronny

Could LeBron and his son play in the NBA at the same time?

LeBron James is somehow still at the peak of his powers. The 33-year-old has looked as good as ever this season. The 15-year vet has never played a full season, but he's on pace to play all 82 games this year (a decision the Cavs might come to regret in the postseason). 

LBJ probably won't win the MVP this season—James Harden looks like a lock at this point, and Anthony Davis has emerged as a legitimate No. 2 contender—but he's still the best basketball player on the planet. How much longer could he hang around the league? Considering how he takes care of his body, there's no reason to believe he's slowing down.

In a recent appearance on Bill Simmons' podcast, Chris Bosh, LBJ's former teammate on the Heat, said he thinks LeBron could play into his 40s. If LeBron lasts another six or so years, he could find himself playing in the league at the same time as his 13-year-old son, who has already become a sort of internet celebrity for predictably lighting up his fellow youngsters.

LeBron addressed that possibility in a brief conversation as he entered Staples Center prior to the Cavs' 127-113 loss to Isaiah Thomas and the Lakers Sunday.

"We got a chance," James said to a cameraman. "If we stay where we are right now, along this path, we got a chance."

The cameraman pointed out this could be an actual possibility six years down the road.

"If he has a chance, and it seems like he could make it...got to," James said. "You gotta do it."

The cameraman pointed out they should play on the same team, and James laughed.

"Absolutely," he said. "And as soon as we do it, go ahead, son. You got it from here."

LeBron's jumper was the biggest weak point in his game early in his career, but that's definitely not an issue for his son.

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