De'Aaron Fox and Ja Morant are two of the NBA's quickest and brightest young stars, so it's hard for fans not to put the two exciting players in the same conversation. Still, Fox thinks there's enough room for them both to co-exist without the media trying to build a faux rivalry. 

On Saturday, Fox took to Twitter where he sounded off on ESPN’s Amin Elhassan for trying to pin him against Morant.

"In a segment about someone that had nothing to do with me. You sneak in another man is who I think I am," Fox tweeted. "Bro you don’t even know me. Even your coworkers asked why you said that lmao you disrespect someone you get disrespected. Simple."

While talking about Morant's potential second-year leap on ESPN's "The Jump," Elhassan threw an unwarranted shot at Fox, claiming that Morant is who Fox "thinks he is."

Fox didn't take kindly to Elhassan's comments and decided to respond with a series of social media comments. Along with his tweet, the Kings guard ventured into a fans comment section on Instagram where he made his feelings about Elhassan known. 

"Boys a bitch and everybody can tell him I said that," Fox wrote.