While speaking to Fat Joe on Instagram, Damian Lillard recounted his experiences in the NBA Bubble and said it was much easier than normal seasons.

The Portland Trail Blazers Point guard said his time was easier while playing at Bay Lake, Florida's Walt Disney World due to him not having to constantly travel to games via planes and buses. With all the games taking place in one spot, Lillard said he and other players had much more time to rest, recuperate, and train.

"To me personally, the bubble was way easier," he said to Fat Joe. "There was really no distractions, we didn't have to travel after games... We was leaving the arena sometimes 10-11 o'clock after a game and we'd go right back to the hotel and they had cool pool set up at the pool for us and we'd just get our recovery in right after the game. They had food laid out for us and we'd go up to our room lay down. I mean, everything was laid out. It wasn't no plane after bus to the hotel, check in to a room, get situated—it was none of that. It was just like boom, boom, get up the next morning, practice—all in one spot." 

Dame continued, "So like out bodies was recovering faster. We was more rested. I mean, it was way easier to me. I think that's why you saw a lot of people just killing like that, for real."

The Blazers' time in the NBA Bubble eventually ended in the first round of the playoffs after they lost to LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. Portland lost the series in Game 5 after Lillard suffered a knee injury in the previous game.

Lillard and the NBA are now gearing up for a non-bubble reduced 72 game season that's set to start on December 22, 2020.

You can check out Lillard's interview with Fat Joe in full down below via Instagram.