Following Mississippi State's 28-26 victory over No. 24 Tulsa in the Armed Forces Bowl, an on-field brawl broke out between players after the final whistle.

Tensions had been boiling throughout the game, but things peaked after the game ended with both teams colliding. It is still unclear what exactly set off the brawl, but the two teams pushed and shoved each other for several minutes.

The brawl quickly got out of hand with coaches unable to diffuse the situation. Police and law enforcement also got involved to try and break it up. Mississippi State wide receiver Malik Heath even kicked a Tulsa player who was down on the ground during the fight. 

Even more unfortunate, it appeared as though Tulsa’s Kendarin Ray needed to be helped off the field after the brawl was ended.

 There has yet to be any official statement from either organization about the brawl, or what will be done in terms of disciplining any of the players.