The NBA is good wholesome entertainment. Yet, the league could be looking to supplement a little income since the pandemic will keep fans out of the stands. This moved an email adult webcam site to strike while the iron's hot. 

NBA has strict COVID-19 protocols and James Harden seems bent on using these protocols to force his way out of Houston. The disgruntled superstar was seen showering Lil Baby with gifts before heading to a Las Vegas strip club where he neglected to wear a mask or social distance. These antics forced the Rockets to keep Harden from practicing, starting his de facto hold out. 

After Harden's antics made headlines, an adult webcam site, IsMyGirl, sent an email to the NBA claiming that a partnership could help keep the league's stars in check.

"Over the weekend it was announced that Houston Rockets player, James Harden, missed the first practice of the season due to a break of COVID-19 protocols, reportedly attending a party at strip club. The NBA is cracking down on players who break COVID-19 protocols as the season starts and if players can’t keep away from the strip clubs during the season, it will cause a big problem for teams," the email reads per Heavy.  

"IsMyGirl, a premium platform for adult models to monetize their sexy content, would like to formally extend an offer to the NBA to partner with the site to help keep players away from strip clubs and Instagram models," it continued. "And if you’re like James Harden, a player known to succeed in cities with the best strip clubs, the players performance may actually improve the more they use the site."