After the small-ball gamble didn't pan out, it seems like the Houston Rockets may be ready to implode their lineup and officially start their rebuilding phase. To do this, the team may have to part ways with one of the league's brightest stars. 

NBA insider Shams Charania reported on Tuesday that the Philadelphia 76ers are looking to pursue James Harden.

"I'm told Philadelphia is expected to be interested in and pursue James Harden," Charania said. Charania went on to say the Sixers aren't the only team interested in creating a trade package for Harden. Despite these pursuits, Charania insists that the Rockets are not interested in moving Harden. In fact, he claims that offering Harden in any package is a "non-starter" for the team.

The Sixers have been making a lot of seemingly progressive moves this offseason. The organization has revamped its coaching staff with Doc Rivers at the helm. What makes Philly an intriguing landing spot for Harden is the addition of Daryl Morey as president. Before parting ways, Morey was the general manager of the Rockets and established a strong relationship with Harden. Morey is also known for being aggressive in the trade market, giving the impression that he could put together a package that may sway Houston to reunite him with the superstar. Yet even if he's unable to snag Harden, it's likely Morey will create a lineup that gets rid of Philly's gaudy contracts and helps supplement Joel Embiid

"Daryl Morey, though, has a history of being active on the trade market, pursuing the different opportunities that exist out there," Charania continued. "And I wouldn't expect it to be any different now that he's in Philadelphia."