When the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship, Dwight Howard went viral after he gave an emotional speech on Instagram Live.

"Everybody out there, don't ever give up on your dreams," he said. "You can fuckin' do it, I swear! Just keep fighting." On a new episode of his podcast, Shaquille O'Neal has suggested that Howard, who has stuck with teams for just one season at least four times, is a "bandwagon jumper" who shouldn't be celebrating his team's win like this.

"You know what I don’t like as a player? It's a lot of players on their little instagram bragging like they were the reasons they got the championship," he said at the 12:30 point of the most recent episode of the Big Podcast With Shaq. "I ain't gonna say no names," he continued, "Sit your ass down you ain't do nothing." He proceeded to call anyone doing this a "bandwagon jumper," and concluded, "Post one pic and sit your ass down."

While the quotes taken out of context appear to be vague enough to refer to multiple players, one of Shaq's co-hosts proceeded to mimic Dwight Howard's recent Instagram Live session.

"I don't know who you're talking about," Shaq said when his co-host joked about Howard's comments. He then called Dwight a "role player" who "played well," but also added that he "didn't do nothing." When it was suggested that Dwight could be a future Hall of Famer, Shaq appeared to hush the conversation in an attempt to move on. 

Listen to the full episode of the podcast here.