President Stephen A. Smith, which has a good god awful ring to it, could be a thing if he "had the support," according to the sports media personality's Twitter feed. 

Smith made that statement in response to a tweet, which was in response to a tweet, which was in response to...we'll let it unravel below. But first here's what he said. And I'll point out that if this is a joke, and therefore a manufactured storyline, and he ends up pointing out how stupid it is to comment on it, then the universe may end up exploding from the irony:  

The series of events that precipitated this seemingly out of nowhere announcement started after Smith made an argument in favor of NBA players getting conjugal visits in their COVID bubble. That was made on Wednesday morning's First Take:

Bradley Beal responded to that idea like so:

And then Stephen A. responded to that response like so:

At that point, a fan, or at least someone aware of this interaction, made what used to be universally-considered a joke (and I believe, in this case, clearly is, it's just no longer so obvious) by saying "stephen a for president" paired with a goat emoji:

Taking all that context in, this doesn't really seem like a goof on Smith's part, because it would be a long time to spend on this topic (I mean, he does have a job). That said I'm not infallible, and unlike roughly 90 percent of internet blowhards I'm perfectly willing to say "oops, my bad," so you be the judge. We'll re-embed to save you from scrolling up. But one would think that this sounds serious, especially the "Yes, I'm serious" part:

Like he said, he's "obviously not doing it." Good to know, even though that's probably how it starts. Anyway, here were some reacts to something nobody saw coming heading into Wednesday: