LeBron James is reminding his followers to look out for "BS" during the 2020 election.

On Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers star slammed a political ad that aimed to stoke fears about mail-in voting. According to the Washington Postthe Facebook spot was purchased by Protect My Vote, a website that has reportedly been supported by the conservative nonprofit group FreedomWorks. The ad in question, which has since been deleted by Facebook, included a quote James had made in response to the polling station closures during the 2020 primary race. The 35-year-old athlete called the moves a form of "systemic racism and oppression"; however, the Protect My Vote ad misrepresented James' tweet by suggesting he was referring to the expansion of mail-in voting.

"First of all, Everyone needs to know the kind of BS happening about this election and get organized," James tweeted. "Secondly, Nobody should be able to use my name (or anyone else name) to lie and deceive about the election. Not sure what we can do legally but definitely trying to figure it out!"

Adam Mendelsohn, James' longtime adviser, told the Post that attorneys were looking into the matter, which was referred to as "shameless" and "reprehensible."