The dramatic difference between the WNBA and the NBA reared its head recently, when videos from the all-female league’s Florida "bubble" hit the internet. 

On Monday, ESPN's Kayla Johnson took to Twitter to share videos of the area where WNBA stars are being forced to live while they resume their season in Florida. Although this space is meant to protect them from the coronavirus, there appears to be no emphasis on upholding a clean and healthy standard of living. 

Johnson received a video of a subpar laundry room that is seemingly infested with pests, as there is a mousetrap on the wall.

There was also a video of the bedroom floor in which worms can be seen on the floor.

WNBA star, A'ja Wilson, then took to social media where she corroborated Johnson's claims.

Fans, NBA players, and other athletes were appalled by the standard of living in the bubble, and they let the people know.