Floyd Mayweather Says He's Open to a Rematch With Conor McGregor in Boxing Comeback

In an interview with 'Forbes,' Floyd Mayweather discusses his possible return to boxing and whether a rematch between him and Conor McGregor is in the cards.


Image via Getty/Tom Pennington


Floyd Mayweather said he might be interested in fighting Conor McGregor again in a new interview with Forbes

With rumors swirling of him possibly coming out of retirement, Floyd confirmed that he and his team are working on some kind of comeback bout for either this year or next. “We’re working on some things right now for Tokyo, whether 2020 or 2021,” Mayweather said.

Floyd also made it clear that if a rematch between him and Conor McGregor were to ever occur, it would have to be in a boxing ring.

"No [I won’t compete in MMA],” Mayweather said. “I think just like how winning teams receive home-field advantage in the playoffs...you don't fix what isn't broken, and my record isn't broken.”

This doesn't mean that he isn't willing to have a rematch with McGregor at all, however. Mayweather explained that it's all about the deal and situation, and that if a rematch were to happen between the two, it would have to really be worthwhile.

“For now, I'm happily retired," Mayweather clarified. "You never know, but it would have to be worth it. Just like gambling right? Juice worth the squeeze no matter who the opponent is.”

While McGregor recently announced his retirement from MMA fighting back in June because he was "a bit bored of the game" and wants to do other things, it wouldn't be surprising if he paused his brief retirement to return to the ring to fight Floyd. Prior to his retirement, McGregor responded to a tweet from Mike Tyson commending him on lasting 10 rounds against Mayweather, saying that he plans to win the "inevitable rematch." 

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