With the NBA restart on the horizon, playoff teams and those in close contention have made their way to Orlando. But despite the many safety protocols inside the bubble, there are some players who are still worried about contracting the coronavirus, as multiple tips to the NBA's anonymous protocol hotline, or "snitch hotline," have reportedly been received

The Athletic's Shams Charania revealed that players have been using the hotline to rat on players who are violating regulations, and that some players have "received warnings."

Shortly after it was revealed that the NBA would be resuming its season in Orlando, the league announced that it would be establishing a hotline for players to contact if they see their colleagues violating the COVID-19 restrictions. All players and staffers had to sign an agreement acknowledging they understand the rules so that consequences can be enforced. Per league sources, breaking these rules will result in a warning, fine, suspension, or campus ban depending on the violation. 

Spencer Dinwiddie advised his fellow players to not call the hotline, when he sat down with Taylor Rooks on Tuesday.

After hearing that players are using the hotline to tattle on each other, fans couldn't help but get their jokes off. 

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