Marcus Rashford has recently become a national hero after his campaign work led Prime Minister Boris Johnson into a U-turn on providing free school meals to children over the summer holidays. And now it's been revealed that the Manchester United and England baller has signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

This morning, the Roc Nation Sports Agency confirmed that Rashford has signed to the agency, joining Kevin De Bruyne, Tyrone Mings, Reece James and Romelu Lukaku in the list of ballers that are being represented. Jay-Z's sports agency has represented Rashford since April, and even had a hand in him getting the government to launch the 'Covid Summer Food Fund' for kids. But after months of rumours surrounding his signing, it has now been confirmed. 

Representing Rashford strictly off the pitch, Roc Nation Sports will be working with him on "encompassing philanthropy, PR and marketing, communications, digital strategy and commercial partnerships." DNMaysportsmgt will continue to represent him on the field. Following Rashford's inspirational right-doings off the field, Jay-Z said he is "extremely proud" of him in his efforts to change the lives of young people.

Kelly Hogarth, the director of brand strategy and business communications, who represents Rashford, said: "We look for those figures who stand for something beyond just the sport that they play. What he did transcended race, transcended any social unrest that we're experiencing. This was a 22-year-old young man who was saying: 'No child should be going hungry in this country. That is unacceptable.' And even if you were the meanest person in the world, it was an argument you just couldn't fight against. He was able to resonate with so many people by just being himself."

Keep winning, Rashy.