Mike Tyson is working himself back into shape so that he can make a return to the ring. Although he's put together some pretty vicious workout videos, Tyson tells Lil Wayne that fighters are lining up to get their shot at The Baddest Man on the Planet. 

Both Mike Tyson and his bitter rival Evander Holyfield announced that they would be coming out of retirement around the same time. While they didn't explicitly say that they would be fighting each other, fans started to speculate that the two iconic boxers would complete their trilogy by fighting for charity. The internet has also fueled rumors that the fight would take place in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia sometime in July. This prompted Lil Wayne to ask Tyson if Holyfield would be his contender.

"Nah, nah," Tyson said during Beats 1's Young Money Radio show. "We got many guys. Listen, we got so many guys that want to do this. We're in calls—we're doing business with guys you ain't even going to believe the names when the names come out."

Tyson goes on to reveal that the contract for the fight will be completed "sometime this week." 

Mike might have dismissed Holyfield as an opponent on Young Money Radio, but he didn't close off the idea when asked about Holyfield by TMZ. Mike told the publication that he's pretty much open to fighting anyone as long as the money goes to help the homeless. 

"Hey, listen, there are a lot of people out there that need help and something like that could help a lot of people, that's in need for help," the 53-year-old said. 

Along with Holyfield, UFC legend Tito Ortiz claims he was offered to fight Mike Tyson and that he's interested in the match. 

Watch Mike Tyson's appearance on Young Money Radio above.