Vince Carter should have been preparing to say goodbye to Toronto on April 10. Instead, he’ll be bunkered down in his home staying safe just like the rest of us.

It likely would have played out beautifully. After years of expressing anger and disappointment over the manner in which Carter forced his way out of the city, Raptors fans have come around and showered him with cheers over the last few seasons. On this particular night, his final one, coming in the year of the Raptors’ 25th anniversary, there likely would have been a special tribute; possibly some type of plaque presentation and a final ovation that would have extended for several minutes.

We have none of that. But memories, as they say, last a lifetime. Here are the most memorable games Carter had as a member of the dinos. A few games are bunched together when they fell under the same context, but fair to say this is a situationunlike real life right nowwhere the more the merrier.