A few days ago, ESPN's Frank Isola tweeted out a rumor that the Knicks were "gathering intel" for a potential trade for Chris Paul this summer. To support his argument, Isola pointed out that the team's new president was Paul's former agent. You can be optimistic, but obviously no one will blame you (a burned out Knicks fan) if you're not:

A day later, the Thunder (a.k.a Paul's current team) were in town to play the Knicks, and you know the local media wasn't missing that opportunity. Come on now. 

As for how Paul answered a question about the rumor, well, let's just say the guy's 15 seasons in the league really showed up. 

“I imagine playing in Boston on Sunday, that’s the only thing I think about," he said, referencing OKC's next game. "Shoot, I haven’t seen my kids since All-Star. Might not see them until April. That’s the only thing that’s on my mind." 

A nearby pregame mic also caught him joking that the team was just trying to distract from their current drama with super-fan Spike Lee:

Note that Paul's under contract for two more years. So, as was the case last summer, it's not really in his hands.

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