Not all money is good money. 

eBay has shutdown vendors looking to profit off of Kobe Bryant's untimely demise by prohibiting the sale of items from Bryant's memorial service, TMZ reports. The company is actively working to remove all related items from its site because eBay has a policy that stops people from profiting off  "human tragedy or suffering."

"Please note, due to sudden and tragic passing of Kobe Bryant - eBay has made the decision to prohibit the sale of merchandise, images and mugs relating to their passing," eBay allegedly said in emails sent to people whose items have been taken down. 

Per TMZ, shirts, pins, and other items from Monday's event were placed on eBay with bids reaching excessive resale prices. One shirt from the ceremony was reportedly sold for over $2,000.

The sale of these items was banned because they come directly from the memorial service. But eBay does allow vendors to sell traditional Kobe Bryant sports memorabilia even though the asking price for these items has reached astronomical levels. The ethics around choosing to profit off a tragedy will always be in question. But at least eBay is forcing people to find another avenue to get money off items that were specifically created to pay homage to Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna. 

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