Adam Silver hosted a tech summit event for All-Star Weekend on Friday, and the NBA commissioner decided to add some flair to the proceedings. Showcasing how he could turn the room into the United Center—making it feel as though they're actually courtside—Silver brought out dancers, as well as Bill Murray. Never one to miss a comedic opportunity, Murray made sure to join Silver onstage.

"Question right here, I bought an auction package to come here," said Murray, interrupting Silver. "I was supposed to be in the Slam Dunk, and then they gave me this hot dog thing. They said no you gotta show hot dogs to a bunch of tech nerds at 8:30 in the morning. That's not right, that's not right."

Last year's tech summit saw the commissioner offer a look into the future of games, indicating what fans can do by 2030. He debuted the "jersey of the future," which will allow customers to customize the name and number of a previously purchased jersey using a phone app.