On Friday morning, at this year's NBA Tech Summit, league commissioner Adam Silver debuted the league's "jersey of the future," which will hopefully save you some dollars by allowing you to instantly customize the name and number of an already purchased jersey with a phone app:

This lofty goal was on full display at All-Star Weekend in Charlotte, when Stephen Curry's name and number was instantly switched to Michael Jordan's name and number. Toss some bad acting in there and you got yourself a successful tech demo:

Unfortunately the technology is obsolete if the player switches teams or the franchise changes uniforms. In addition to those new jerseys, Silver also talked about the NBA's other long-term goals, including making arena ticket taking an out-of-date profession, letting home viewers watch the game from the perspective of a fan in attendance with Google glasses, and hologram mascots. 

Of course, as many past predictions of future technology have shown, there ain't no guarantees in life. But it's still good to have an idea of what they're shooting for.