Terrelle Pryor was all smiles Tuesday afternoon, as he was seen leaving the Intensive Care Unit in a Pittsburgh hospital.

The NFL free agent underwent surgery this week, after he was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Shalaya Briston. Three days after the incident, Pryor shared several Instagram videos in which he is sitting in a wheelchair with bandages on his arm and chest. The athlete says goodbye to the ICU nurses as he's being rolled out of the unit. 

"Thanks for all the support," he captioned one of the clips. "I'mma be aite."

In a video and photo, obtained by TMZ, Pryor writes he had "to be coded twice"; as the publication points out, "code" status is when a patient goes into cardiac or respiratory arrest and must be resuscitated. 

"Live crazy man," he captioned a full-body photo. "Was coded twice before I came back alive. Stared death in the eye in the same place my son was born. God is good!! Just got out of ICU for four days!"

Pryor—who has previously played for the Browns, Raiders, Redskins, and Jets—was taken to the hospital early Sunday morning after he allegedly stabbed by 24-year-old Briston in his Pittsburgh apartment. According to KDKA, the couple got into an argument after Briston had returned to Pryor's home with two of her female friends following a night at the club. Pryor is said to have had grabbed Briston and pushed down one of the other women before Briston stabbed him.

"The only reason I’m here was to make sure that he didn’t die," reportedly said one of the women, who drove the athlete to the hospital. "We should have just let him die."

Pryor was subsequently charged with simple assault, while Briston was arrested on criminal attempt homicide and aggravated assault charges.