A group of Browns players yelled "come get me" to the Arizona Cardinals' sideline following Sunday's 38-24 loss, according to NFL Network's Michael Silver. This is the latest alleged incident in what has been an incredibly disappointing season for Cleveland. 

The belief is that the players involved were asking the Cards to get them out of Cleveland. Worth noting is that the Browns, though a big 2019 bust, are 6-8 while Arizona is 4-9-1.

With that established, the big name to come out of this group which allegedly involved "multiple" players was four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

Landry's reported choice of phrase is similar to one that Odell Beckham Jr. is said to have used earlier this season:

Beckham Jr. has stated publicly that he never said he wasn't happy in Cleveland and denied to comment on reports he wants out:

Earlier in this past Sunday's game, Landry was caught by CBS cameras while appearing to voice his displeasure with Cleveland's head coach, Freddie Kitchens. That's what Silver was referencing when he wrote "more fallout from the Jarvis Landry tirade."

After the game, both sides of that minor confrontation downplayed what was seen by viewers who tuned in.

For his part, Landry said that he was just asking for the ball. "I just went and asked for the ball,'' Landry said, per Cleveland.com. "I just went and asked for the ball to try to get involved in the game to help. That's pretty much it."

He finished the day with five catches for 23 yards.

Kitchens didn't get too riled up about the situation either. "Listen, I love Jarvis Landry," the first-year coach said. "Jarvis is my kind of player, as far as fiery, and things happen. I mean, it's no big deal. Pretty sure it's not a big deal if you ask him. It's an emotional game. I love Jarvis."

On Monday he continued on that theme, saying that he loved Landry's passion. 

"I wouldn't change Jarvis for anything," Kitchens said. "Jarvis plays the game with passion, which I love. He's tough, he's physical. He wants to win and when you want to win as badly as Jarvis does, sometimes your emotion gets the best of you. But I don't have a problem with Jarvis. He's one of my favorites, the way he plays the game, him as a person, everything."

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