This week's episode of Saturday Night Live wouldn't have been complete without a cameo from Jennifer Lopez's famous fiance.

For this sketch, Pete Davidson's reoccurring character, Chad, serves as the singer's roadie. While she's warming up for a show, Lopez decides the clear the venue so that she can work on some solo vocals. Yet, the only person who didn't get this memo was Chad. When J. Lo saw that Chad was still working on setting up the stage, she took this opportunity to confess her love for him. 

"I shouldn't have these feelings for you, Chad," Lopez says around the sketch's 1:30 minute mark. "I just got in engaged. I'm in love with Alex."

Despite her making it obvious that she's interested in him, Chad doesn't seem to be impressed by the superstar's advances. This nonchalant attitude only makes Lopez want to pursue him harder. Eventually, the entertainer asks Chad to slow dance with her. Right before the two are about to kiss, Lopez's fiance, Alex Rodriguez, shows up at the edge of the stage with flowers in his hand. Lopez tries to say that Chad is her new choreographer, but Davidson's character doesn't play along with the lie. 

"I hope you're happy," Rodriguez says before throwing the flowers on the ground and leaving the frame.

Lopez decides to follow the Yankees legend and inform Chad that he has to be removed from the tour. Yet, none of this commotion affects Chad's attitude. The passive roadie just took it all in stride, unfazed by the trouble his presence has caused.