Complex Sports is officially getting into the college football prediction game. It's been an area that we haven't really jumped fully into over the years, but that's about to change. We love it and with the official playoff rankings coming out every Tuesday night, we're serving up our very own predictions based on what we're seeing week in and week out. Enjoy. 

Let's talk about this past weekend. Saturday was a special one in college football. Not only were there two sets of 8-0 matchups for the first time in college football history, but the ‘Game of the Century’ part two lived up to everything we wanted it to be. Joe Burrow winning the Heisman in Tuscaloosa. Thaddeus Moss with that incredible, kind of out-of-bounds catch that no one really understood. 

With four weekends of college football left before the committee’s Selection Day on December 8, we still have a bunch of questions left. Is there any team that can trip up the Buckeyes? Will Minnesota keep this improbable run going? Can enough chaos get Bama into the College Football Playoff?

With the official week 12 college football rankings set to drop later tonight, we're rolling out the first edition of our weekly predictions, which we'll be doing all the way up to the postseason.