Height inflation or deflation has been a routine issue in sports. Yet in the era of position-less basketball, the NBA is starting to crack down on players that either boost or stunt their height for aesthetics. 

An NBA spokesman, Mike Bass, told the New York Times last month that the league will be implementing a new rule to verify player's ages and heights. "A consistent process has been created to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data on team rosters," Bass explained.

And now it looks like the NBA has implemented the policy as the official heights for LeBron James, Kevin DurantAnthony Davis, and others has been revealed.

Check out the heights below.

KD's height has been in question since he entered the NBA. "For me, when I’m talking to women, I’m 7 feet. In basketball circles, I’m 6-9. But really, I’ve always thought it was cool to say I’m a 6-9 small forward," KD told the Wall Street Journal. "Really, that’s the prototypical size for a small forward. Anything taller than that and they’ll start saying, ‘Ah, he’s a power forward.’" 

NBA deputy commissioner, Mark Tatum, previously told Bloomberg that the league's business partners and fans would question the NBA's integrity if they didn't take steps to confirm basic information. "In this new world that we’re living in, the integrity of that information is critical," Tatum said. "That’s knowable information, and it’s something that we are looking at. The standards now, in a legalized sports betting world, are going to be much, much higher than they ever have been." 

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