"Fun Guy" Kawhi Leonard has uttered a couple of viral one-liners despite being a clear introvert. Now, the Clippers superstar is apparently trying to make money off one of these one-liners. 

Washington, D.C. trademark lawyer Josh Gerben revealed on Twitter that Kawhi is attempting to trademark his classic "What it do baby." An application was filed by Leonard last week. This line comes from a deadpanned greeting Leonard made in his then-teammate Serge Ibaka's Instagram post after winning the NBA championship. Per Gerben, Leonard is attempting to protect "What it do baby" so that he can use it for an upcoming clothing line. 

Along with "What it do baby," Gerben claims that Kawhi is looking to trademark the slogan "City Views Over Interviews." Like "What it do baby," this phrase is expected to be used for upcoming apparel created by the two-time Finals MVP.   

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