California passed the Fair Pay to Play Act earlier this month, allowing athletes who play for public colleges and universities to profit off of their own likenesses without fear of losing their scholarships. If you're looking for the wrongest possible take on this necessary shot across the bow of the NCAA's outmoded amateurism defense, you don't have to go far. You don't even have to leave the West Coast.

Gonzaga coach Mark Few laid down an unholy amount of what-about-ism in a new interview with Stadium

Mark Few said California Governor Gavin Newsom shouldn't worry about the hundreds of athletes having their labor exploited in California because homeless people and the country of Mexico exist.

“What I find totally disappointing and just disgusting, is that a governor is wasting his time grandstanding around in something that he really doesn’t understand when .00001 percent of his constituents are going to be impacted by this,” Few said. “He should probably stay in his lane—like I tell my players—and figure out homelessness and I think he’s got a state that borders Mexico and get that mess figured out, and the budget and some things like that.”

Few was lambasted on Twitter for coming out with such an anti-player stance. The chirping class was quick to tell Few he was wrong, that a governor passing a bill with overwhelming support in the state legislature is not exactly radical, and that he should take his own advice and stay in his lane, which is about 14 hours northeast of Sacramento.