The Knicks are going into this season as laughing stocks after failing to secure even one big-name team. Their humiliation was intensified by how their cross-borough rivals got Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Knicks president Steve Mills was the unlucky executive in the hot seat.

Mills claimed in a press conference that there were superstars who were interested in joining the Knicks, but they simply didn't fit into their rebuilding process.

"There was a lot of max-type players that we've could have met with that were interested in coming here," Mills said. "We had a certain way we wanted to build this team and this is how we chose to build it."

New York hasn't been a top destination for superstar players since Carmelo Anthony came from Denver. This offseason, they went from gunning for Durant to settling for Julius Randle. Because the whole NBA world knew how much the Knicks wanted to land a superstar, fans aren't buying the way Mill tried to spin on the situation.