The Chiefs' powerful offense gained another lethal weapon when they signed Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy. Although joining the championship caliber team seemed like a no-brainer for the back who's looking to return to the playoffs, it looks like Shady's decision to sign with the Chiefs had little to do with football. 

Once the Bills released McCoy, AFC West rivals, the Chiefs and Chargers, started a tug-of-war for Shady's services. But McCoy decided to settle in KC instead of sunny LA.

"This is probably my best fit," McCoy said when explaining his decision to the media. "LA is far, I've got a 7-year-old son. he wouldn't like that very much. Also, the taxes."

While the latter half of his answer speaks for itself, McCoy considering Kansas City the better fit over LA sparked a discussion. Currently, the Chargers are without running back Melvin Gordon. Signing with the Chargers would have allowed him the bulk of the team's carries, affording him the opportunity to bounce back from last year's lackluster performance. Yet, in Kansas City, it's likely that McCoy will share the load with Damien Williams in a split-back attack. This lead analysts to believe that the defining factor for McCoy's decision was KC's coach. McCoy started his career under the guide of Andy Reid in Philadelphia. This possibility of reconnecting with his former coach got him to call Arrowhead his home. 

"I’m going back home in Philadelphia, or I’m going back home to Big Red," McCoy said in reference to Andy Reid when the Kansas City Star asked him about his decision.