An NBA champion's worst nightmare came true for JaVale McGee. Not only was his home burglarized over the weekend, but the thieves also reportedly made off with one of his most prized possessions. 

Authorities tell TMZ that McGee discovered that his home had been robbed on Tuesday. After police checked surveillance footage, it was determined that the crime took place on Saturday, and that the thieves broke into two safes, stealing at least $200,000 in money and jewelry. Unfortunately, that included one of his two NBA championship rings. It's unclear which ring was stolen, but McGee won the Finals as a member of the Golden State Warriors in 2017 and 2018. The goggles he wore during one of thre celebratory post-championship champagne showers were also reportedly stolen.

No suspects have been identified, but police do say that McGee has a state-of-the-art surveillance system, which means there's a higher chance of the perpetrators being found, along with McGees ring. McGee recently showed off his high tech security cameras when he posted a video of himself trying to fight off a bug in his driveway.