Javale McGee Accuses Shaq of ‘Cooning’ in Vicious Tweet

It doesn't look like JaVale McGee was too happy with Shaq making fun of his haircut.

JaVale McGee of the Golden State Warriors rests for a second.
Image via USA Today Sports/Kyle Terada
JaVale McGee of the Golden State Warriors rests for a second.

Last week we told you that Shaq challenged JaVale McGee to go three games without doing something to make Shaqtin' A Fool, Shaq's weekly lowlight reel that frequently makes McGee look like a doofus. Not surprisingly, McGee isn't fond of his oafish portrayal in O'Neal's segment, and he let that be known during an offseason interview with The Mercury News.

"Fans think it’s real, like that’s real life and they think I’m a dumb person," he said back in October. "It’s just really disappointing that grown men, 50, 40 year olds are having America’s funniest home videos of a player. And then making it a hashtag and really just trying to ruin someone’s career over basketball mistakes."

Fast forward to Tuesday evening, where Shaq became the most recent person on social media to take a cheap shot at the debut of McGee's new haircut:

Just over an hour after Shaq threw that up, McGee took to his own Twitter account to respond to the big man. In doing so he paired a pic of Shaq in a chicken or turkey costume, or something, along with a pic that said "Bert Williams, a man reduced to wearing a chicken costume while cooning in Minstrels, was the first Black comedic star on Broadway." Along with those images was a caption that said "It all makes sense." Here's the tweet:

It all makes sense @SHAQ

Unless he's dressed up as a bird multiple times, we're pretty sure that the pic of Shaq in McGee's tweet came from this 2015 Inside the NBA skit:

Worth noting is that McGee also once told O'Neal that he didn't watch "Shaqtin' a Coon," when asked about his appearance in Shaq's clips in a postgame interview during March 2013. To see that fast forward to around 55 seconds in this video:

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O'Neal also replied to McGee's Tuesday night tweet with one of his own, in an effort to diffuse the situation:

I'm just playing @JaValeMcGee34 keep your pants on dude

— SHAQ (@SHAQ) January 4, 2017

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