The first week of college football is always full of headlines. But one of the craziest things to take place didn't even come from an athlete. 

HBCU forces Jackson State and Bethune-Cookman faced off to open their seasons on Saturday. In the third quarter, Jackson State quarterback Jalon Jones delivered a strike to Warren Newman for a touchdown. During the play, Newman was jockeying against his defender before laying out to catch the pass. Like any good athlete, the Bethune-Cookman defender played through the whistle, causing a slight skirmish.

This didn't sit well with Jackson State's mascot Wavee Dave, who rushed the field, ready to put paws on the cornerback.

Although there were several players involved in the scuffle, it was obvious Wavee Dave went the extra mile by running onto the gridiron. As a result, Jackson State was given a 15-yard penalty that was enforced on the ensuing kickoff. 

While the incident might have cost the team some extra yardage, the combination of Jones' diving catch and Wavee Dave's TTG mentality provided Jackson State's only highlight of the game. After the touchdown, Jackson State would miss the field goal. They then went on to let Bethune-Cookman roar back from a 15-9 deficit to win the game by a score of 36-15.