The first-ever championship belt for All Elite Wrestling was reportedly stolen in Tallahassee. The first promotion to even attempt to compete with World Wrestling Entertainment since the era of WCW crowned its first champ this week and the belt has already been pilfered according to a report from belt winner Chris Jericho.

Jericho's belt was allegedly stolen while the wrestler was eating at a Longhorn Steakhouse. According to a police report, Jericho left the belt in a rented limousine that returned to a nearby airport to return luggage that Jericho had taken in error. When the limo returned to the steakhouse the belt was missing.

Take a look at the police report below: 

"The victim reported the theft of his championship wrestling belt while he was eating inside Longhorn Steakhouse. The victim stated he arrived at the Millionaire Club Airport Terminal and place the belt inside his rented limousine. The limo driver shuttled the victim to Longhorn for dinner. The victim remained at Longhorn while the limo driver returned to the airport. The victim had taken the wrong luggage from the airport and the driver took it back to the terminal. When the driver picked up the victim from the restaurant, the belt was missing. Responding officers searched the limo and airport for the belt without success. On-call CID was consulted, and forensics repsonded to the scene."

AEW is scheduled to premiere on TNT in the coming months, challenging Vince McMahon's stranglehold on top-tier wrestling promotions in the US. Hopefully by that time they'll get their belt back. 

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