David Benoit, 26, son of former WWF/WWE, WCW, and ECW wrestler Chris Benoit, is intrigued by the idea of following in his father’s shadow and getting into the ring for All Elite Wrestling. 

In his appearance on the Pro and Bro Wrestling Podcast with Fred Rosser, Benoit revealed that he has been "messing around in the ring right now with a couple of guys with AEW." When Rosser asked if Benoit’s training as of late could eventually lead to him taking after his father, the 26-year-old seemed serious about pursuing a professional wrestling career with his sights set on going to one place in particular. 

"I want to go to AEW 100 percent," Benoit said. "I love AEW, I love what they do for the boys. They take care of them." Benoit's remark about how AEW takes care of their wrestlers could be perceived as a slight against the AEW's biggest rival, the WWE, who have been known for doing their talent dirty in the past. 

While it may appear that Benoit has a gripe with the WWE stemming from his admission on the podcast that he's no longer allowed backstage at their shows, Natalya posted a photo of herself with Benoit backstage at a WWE house show in Edmonton over the weekend, suggesting that his issue with the WWE is not that serious. 

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