Rumor has it that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are still working their offseason magic, attempting to get Carmelo Anthony a deal with the Brooklyn Nets

That report comes via The Athletic's Frank Isola, who reports that the pair are "pushing" for a Melo deal shortly after he worked out with the team in Los Angeles. 

The Nets are currently have15 men on their roster. However, a recent 25-game suspension for Wilson Chandler after he was caught using performance-enhancing drugs could provide just the sort of opening that Melo is looking for. During the suspension, Chandler will not count toward their overall roster and his minimum contract makes replacing him with Melo an easy sell, should things work out with Anthony. An anonymous source told SNY that Carmelo stood out in his workout with the Nets, adding that his body looked "great." 

The Athletic have also confirmed that Carmelo's reps have had talks with the Sixers.

Though Anthony is running out of time to sign on with a team, it's not for lack of trying. He is scheduled to play in a 5-on-5 scrimmage with the New York Knicks, per SNY. The 10-time All-Star spent many years playing for the Knicks but left on somewhat bad terms. The Knicks, like the Nets, would need to free up a roster slot if they wished to re-sign Anthony.